Established in 1984, Elcio Reis & Advogados Associados is a traditional law firm with units in Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Founded by the respected professor Elcio Reis, later succeeded by Professor Dr. Elcio Fonseca Reis, the office has a qualified and trained team to guide, analyze and resolve legal issues, in a personalized and custom form.

Elcio Reis & Advogados Associados has a team of experts with extensive experience in their fields, always giving priority to constantly update the training of the professionals that composes the office. The focus of Elcio Reis & Advogados Associados is in the provision of services in the following areas of Law: Arbitration, Administrative Law, Civil and Banking Law, Consumer Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law and Tax Law. The services provided by Elcio Reis & Advogados Associados are always directed to achieve objective solutions to its clients, with a serious, dedicated and professional service, in close technical and ethical cooperation between clients and lawyers.

Elcio Reis & Advogados Associados also operates in the inner cities of Minas Gerais, and other capitals of the country, such as Curitiba/PR, Porto Alegre/RS, Salvador/BA , Brasilia/DF, Manaus/AM and Vitória/ES, through a partnership with offices with recognized suitability, always with direct guidance and monitoring.

The firm has earned its recognition in International business law area in a net operation in USA and Canada, through a in-site partner.